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Funeral Services with Melton Civil Celebrant Julia Timson

In my opinion a funeral should be a celebration of your loved one’s life. A time to reminisce, tell stories and continue to share the love that you have for the person who has died.

Please tell me about your loved one, what was important to them, why they were so special?  I would love to hear about the love of your family member or friend. I am happy to meet and chat, skype, facetime or whatever suits you. Gathering personal information helps me to frame a personal celebration.

It really does help to ease the sorrow by joining together to celebrate your loved one’s life. Funerals come in all forms and can be a simple gathering among friends to a state funeral held at a cathedral.

Regardless of the type of ceremony you feel is appropriate for your loved one, I am here to help you through this difficult time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat about the memorial service you imagine for your loved one.

“Tis only we who grieve
They do not leave
They are not gone
They look upon us still
They walk among the valleys now
They stride upon the hill
Their smile is in the summer sky
Their grace is in the breeze
Their memories whisper in the grass
Their calm is in the trees”

Funeral and Memorial Celebrancy Fees

Minimum fee $500
Maximum fee $1500 + expenses (e.g. travel if required)
Deposit Not required

I consider my role as your celebrant as my privilege, and it would be lovely to be able to officiate your loved one’s funeral service at no cost to you. However, one must eat and pay the bills! There is no limit to the number of hours I am willing to put into your special ceremony there is a limit on the fees I am willing to charge, so I have set a maximum fee for each of my services. I work at an hourly rate of $50 and will provide you with an invoice detailing the dates and hours used after your ceremony has been completed.

Invoices are sent within 7 days after the event and are payable immediately. Deposits to be paid on the day of the first meeting and are non-refundable.